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Joe Carufe

Joe Carufe officially joined the Two Roads team in June of 2011 to build the systems that would allow the company to scale and serve more business owners. Joe was promoted to the role of President of the firm this month.


Over the past five and a half years, Joe has served his team and clients in phenomenal ways. As Two Roads’ former Director of Operations, Joe has always jumped into problems to see what might have gone wrong and personally crafts systems driven solutions. He patiently helps the team through all technological challenges so they can deliver the best product to it's clients and the marketplace. He is empathetic to those around him so that they feel comfortable leaning on him for help and guidance without feeling that they are impeding on his time. He constantly challenges the status quo so that Two Roads is always on the cutting edge of the industry to help lower the costs for their clients and deliver a better product.

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