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Paul Dunn

Paul is a 4-time TEDx speaker. He is a Senior Fellow in one of the World’s Leading Think Tanks and holds a Lifetime Service Award to the Accounting Profession in the UK. He was honoured as a Social Innovation Fellow in his new home of Singapore; something he shares with film-star and philanthropist Jet Li and Walmart Chairman, Rob Walton.

He was one of the first 10 people in Hewlett Packard in Australia. He then created one of Australia’s first computer companies. He then created Results Corporation where he helped develop and grow 23,000 small and medium scale business enterprises. 

He first made his mark on the Accounting profession through the radical Accountants’ Boot Camp process enabling over 17,000 Accountants worldwide to work with their clients in new ways.

Paul continues to push the boundaries. He recently featured in Forbes Magazine alongside Sir Richard Branson in a global piece on ‘disrupters’ in business.

His book, (co-written with Ron Baker and published by Wiley) ‘The Firm of the Future’, is widely regarded as a breakthrough book for professional firms.

He is Chairman of the revolutionary B1G1: Business for Good, a company that’s already enabled businesses to connect in new ways and create over 67 Million giving impacts around the world.

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